Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a stylish, cultivated lager brewed from the finest materials and with an alcohol content of 5%. Its distinctive taste, body and pleasant bitterness distinguish it from other lagers on the world market. Beer connoisseurs - that is Stella Artois.

The history of Stella Artois dates back to 1366. The chronicles of that year say that flourished in Leuven not only trade, but also the actual brewing. Taxes were paid by the city of Leuven brewery "Den Hoorn". The prosperity was also a University of Leuven, which was established in 1425 and whose students quickly gained a reputation for beer lovers. On June 15, 1717, the brewery was "Den Hoorn" sold to Sebastien Artois.

Later, his son Adriaan and grandson Leonard. From that moment Artois name associated with the city of Leuven and its brewery. Stella got its name in 1926, when the beer brewed in honor of the traditional Christmas was especially crisp, and therefore was christened Stella, which is the Latin word for star. Stella soon became very popular, not only at Christmas but throughout the year.

Stella Artois was launched on the Czech market in April 2001 and is offered in selected establishments, whose appearance match the exceptional character of the brand.


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This 5% wheat Belgian white beer is naturally cloudy, straw-yellow color and looks like a rather lemonade. The smell is distinctly smell of citrus with a hint of yeast. Sweet and sour flavor adds piquancy seasoning. The beer is sparkling, light but not watery. Gentle bitterness and fruity touch makes beer, distinctive and surprisingly refreshing. Not overpowering, rather sparkling. Foam is small and quickly disappear.

In 1445 monks living in the small town of Hoegaarden found a recipe on how to cook white beer. Initially brewed beer for their own consumption, but later sale of beer has also become a welcome additional income for the monastery. The monks were in their actions so good that it followed local farmers. The popularity of beer is still growing, so it was at the end of the 19th century. In this small town near Brussels, with a population of 2000, more than 30 breweries. Under the weight of strong competition, beer type Lager, and the difficult situation during the two world wars, however, they were breweries phased out until 1957 was closed the last of them, Tomsin.

Nine years later, in 1966, the milkman Pierre Celis decided to renew the tradition of brewing white beer Hoegaarden in the town, so he founded a small brewery The Cloister (also known as De Kluis).

The success was unexpected. When he was in 1966 the brewery opened its production consisted of 350 hectoliters of beer. But already in 1985 the brewery produced 75,000 hectoliters of beer. Due to the growing demand P.Celis in 1980 he bought the local factory for soft drinks and the rebuilt into a brewery. Its success has inspired other breweries to try and make their own white beer. Quality beverage brewed according to the original recipe but no more beer equaled.

The secret traditional recipe to prepare Hoegaarden beer contains only the highest quality ingredients and local ingredients - raw wheat and oats, barley malt, hops, yeast fermentation Late spring water containing minerals. These, together with the addition of coriander and dried orange peel from Curacao constitute sweetly sour and spicy taste beer simultaneously. The beer is not filtered and the fermentation occurs in the bottle.

In 2005 it was announced that beer production will be moved to a bigger firm InBev brewery in Jupille, however, this shift never materialized. Indeed raised fears of deterioration in the quality of beer Hoegaarden and local communities have expressed dissatisfaction with the possible departure of the largest employers and the loss of traditional brand and its most famous symbol.

Hoegaarden beer has its own glass registered, as well as other Belgian beers. Stylish sturdy hexagonal jars enjoying almost even more popular than beer itself. It is said that having such a shape so she could be at the end of the night Drunkard's hand levered "spanner".


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